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The point where the history of mankind began, the traces of Göbeklitepe that extend to the present day, to accompany us on the journey of a story that has been hidden for centuries He's calling. The most special version of natural stone with icons from centuries ago We are inspired by the past on this journey we have brought together. Each one unique with the Göbeklitepe Collection consisting of designs, the essence of nature and history we aim to make the hidden parts visible by taking the power with us.

Touching history is about feeling the starting point of the past... That's what we believe. With this belief; nature, man, all living things We are carrying our long-established heritage into the future. History remains hidden combines its side with the durable and aesthetic structure of marble, We keep this spirit alive in every part of our collection.

Developed by 6 designers with Sanliurfa Tourism Development INC Design Elements X Göbeklitepe Collection in all areas of life prepared for you to touch the secret of history...

Anthro refers to the mysterious ruins of Göbeklitepe, each with differently designed handle details. With its functionality left to the user's imagination, it makes the secret of the past touchable.

Designed for: Göbeklitepe Museum

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