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Sogmatar is inspired by the multi-layered structure of Harran created by various civilizations settled in the area. Every layer is presented in a different material or color of her office organizer which offers a flexible and playful way of organizing office tables.


material: oak

color:natural oak

size: Q24 cm circular organisers, 23 cm pencil organiser


atlas design collection, translating Mesopotamian cultural heritage and aesthetics  to our times, aims to integrate the social awareness and sustainable design economy with the rising values in the global design scene. 

Social aspect of the collection

The social responsibility aspect of the project was built on a model supporting the local and refugee women living in Harran to generate their economic independence by being at the core of the production process in the workshops built in Harran as a part of ADEM (Family Support Centre) within the Governorship of Harran. These women will make their living with being involved in the sales revenues. In order to make this sustainable, one of the main criteria in developing this project was that the whole collection should be able to produced in these particular workshops and address the current consumer habits.


Designed for: atlas harran



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